Why spiritual people have difficulty attracting abundance and financial success?

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The number of limiting beliefs concerning money and financial success is vast. Especially spiritual people feel awkward¬† at this point. That’s why the word “abundance”became the euphemistic version of wealth.

What are the misinterpreted beliefs spiritual people need to let go?

  1. First and most important limiting belief is that money and wealth are bad, or even evil.
  2. Astonishingly many people feel that they don’t deserve prosperity.
  3. Wanting more, desiring a wealthy life is egoism. Some even believe that it is a sin.
  4. Money corrupts people.
  5. Attracting abundance equals being greedy
  6. People, who are successful in their finances have no moral standard or those are very low. They are “bad people”.
  7. ¬†Financial resources are limited., which means that all people can’t live a wealthy life.
  8. The desire to create prosperity and attract money is not spiritual
  9. Being rich brings bad karma
  10. Money makes people addicted

Abundance and prosperity are a form of the infinite creative energy in the universe.

I thought I knew all this when on a nice day I realized that my subconscious is full of such, sometimes contradicting ideas. Even being a hypnotherapist and knowing how many surprises our subconscious has for us, didn’t save me from falling into this trap.

I immediately went into hypnosis. I had to figure out what those beliefs were and what to do with them.

What I found was amazing.

One of my strongest beliefs was that I didn’t want to live in wealth until there are so many people were living in poverty. It was a grotesque form of empathy.

Then I realized, I’m not helping them if I’m on the verge of poverty myself. Most of the work I did was charitable. Just to help. Fine. My conscious was pleased. But in fact, this way I was only able to help a handful of people. Mostly not even those who needed it most.

It finally dawned on me, that if I start allowing myself attracting wealth and abundance, I can finally reach a lot more people. I can leverage this power to spend more time on actual help, use my money on creating free courses and pieces of training. That I can teach them to do the same and follow their dreams. It seems so difficult and distant at first. Then you realize it is the most natural thing to do.

That was just one example of what goes on in our subconscious and how to deal with it.

If you are interested in the details, let me know.

Wish you all abundance and wealth.

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