Why Can’t Spiritual Books Help The Way We Want?

 Spiritual Books And The ‘Missing Piece’


It is that feeling, when after reading heaps of esoteric or spiritual books, your head buzzes with wisdom such as, ‘As above, so below’ or ‘Happiness is here and now’. In fact, you even try to incorporate this into your life with varying success. And yet…  somehow the earthshaking changes don’t come.

No matter how much you read, your everyday problems mostly stay the same. Deep inside, you feel that you are still not THERE, although it would be difficult to explain where that THERE was.

Now that was exactly my case.

Despite of all these useful books and courses, I was still looking for that ‘missing piece’. An ordinary ‘oh I see’ experience was not enough. I wanted more. I wanted a breakthrough, even though it was not clear what kind of a breakthrough I anticipated. I had no clue what was actually wrong.

Racing With The Intellect

I realized that my intellectual mind is like a maze, and no matter how cunningly I tried to trick myself out, the deeper it took me. My intellect responded with surprising agility to my attempts to change its ways.  I was trying to reshape the tool with itself.

It was impossible.

When I finally realized this, new doors opened for me. I understood that I needed a completely new approach, something that does not lead through the logical, conscious mind.

Follow The White Rabbit

Remember the movie, The Matrix? Now, it was something similar. That was the point, when I descended into the rabbit hole.

But how?

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to.”
“I don’t much care where –”
“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go.”
/ Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland
Follow the white rabbit.
Follow the white rabbit.

I already had an interest in hypnosis. I knew that it was one of the most direct means of accessing the subconscious.

So, I went to a hypnosis session.

If I want to briefly summarize my attitude, I must admit that I wasn’t too positive at the beginning. I was prepared for some esoteric bullshit from a slightly condescending guru.

What happened after that was the beginning of the most exciting journey of my life.

Understanding vs. Experiencing

I started to get to know the Mind. For the sake of convenience, we separate its “parts” using expressions such as the subconscious, higher self, consciousness etc. But the point is that it’s all the same.

It is important to mention what I mean by getting to know the mind.
It’s a LIVING experience. Understanding comes through this experience. Thus, it is in no way an intellectual information processing. When we live this experience, we do not need arguments or explanations. Learning happens at lightning speed, and along with it comes real, inner change.

There’s no need to explain what colors are, to someone with healthy eyes. They know it. It’s the same.

When we are kids, we are taught to use our intellectual mind almost exclusively. We try to understand everything through it. Even emotions and traumas. We try desperately to rationalize them.

Once it fails, we either burst with negative energy, or worse, we do our best to repress it. Both attempts are doomed to failure in the long run. Rationalized emotional energy gets in our way and becomes very destructive.

Harmful balance

So what about spiritual books? It’s the same.
We try to understand them with our rational mind.
Does this essentially change anything?
Just on the surface. Deep inside we run the same programs.


Because the conscious mind wants to maintain balance. The reason for that is that the body is programmed to stay physically and mentally in balance. The same applies to the brain and the entire nervous system. Your body gets used to your given state, no matter how unpleasant it may be, if this state lasts long enough. It adjusts all its functions to it, its hormone system, brain functions, nervous system etc. Therefore, any change, be it mental or physical, will cause resistance.

But this is why we have will-power.

Our conscious mind is trying to compensate for those emotional situations it cannot cope with. That’s why, when we read a book or go to a lecture, our conscious mind gives us the feeling that ‘Oh, that’s how it works! Now I get it!’ It gives us a feeling that finally ‘something has happened’, we understood something important.  And indeed, we may have acquired a very important piece of knowledge. But unless we can use it to reprogram our subconscious, it is not enough. Unfortunately.

You see, the conscious mind is quite tricky. While it gives a certain sensation of change, in fact, at a deeper level, it will do everything to maintain the status-quo.

This is how it’s programmed. Still, we should not blame it. It is a very useful program. Our lives would probably be impossible without it. But we should not let ourselves be fooled!

The solution is  to change

Learning is changing
If we haven’t changed after reading a book, we haven’t really learned. We have only put some new, intellectual information into our brain.

Don’t blame the books. Books are wonderful.
We simply don’t use our minds properly.

In the deeper layers of our consciousness, (we can call it subconscious or higher self) there is information enough to fill a library. It is waiting for us to learn by it, to use it and to live it. It is there to make us more, to help us fulfill ourselves.

Books do the same. They resonate with this innate information within us, but if we refuse to look inside and open this inner source, books will be powerless.

Okay, but how do we do this?

New Perspective, New You

To live the knowledge you learn we need to learn to communicate with our inner consciousness. Today many call it a shift to the “right-brain” mode. The point is that we literally switch from the logical, linear, causal consciousness mode to an intuitive way of thinking, which is based on deeper feelings, emotions and energies.

When we do this switch, our perspective turns 180 degrees. Our priorities change and we become emotionally much richer. We might at first find this new perspective irrational, but we will soon see the broader view.

This state of mind can be achieved in several ways, for sure. The one I know and use, and which I consider to be very effective, is self-hypnosis.

It’s a state of deep trance. Everyone can learn it and after some practicing it becomes quite natural.

Our view of the world changes in this trance state. Our perspective, which was previously focused on our own problems, dramatically transforms. We zoom out from our previous perspective and begin to see the subtle, energetically entangled net that is our lives.

Huge relationship systems become visible, and these experiences are not mere assumptions on the behalf of the logical brain, but they are intense feelings of certainty.

What I want to share with you is that you do not need to be a psychic, like Uri Geller or do not need to have special skills. It all came with you in the ‘starting package’. As a baby you were born to perceive the world this deeply intuitive way. That time your conscious mind was not yet there to help you to organize your knowledge, but now you can teach it to cooperate with you instead of hindering you.

You Have A Complete ‘Problem-solving Toolbar’ Included

As you begin to use it, those truths and pieces of wisdom, which previously were mostly present in words start to become your reality!

You become aware of how you used to crystallize and bind the energy of old wounds and worries.

You let go of them, simply by ceasing to feed them. They will evaporate.
It’s such a fantastic feeling when it happens! You feel so much lighter.
You will witness a positive change in your habits and priorities.

The world will become brighter and more colorful.  You awaken to the miracle in which we live and with this a deep feeling of respect towards the world and all living things wakes in you.

Old ties begin to fall off you. You become a freer and happier person.

Of course not all wounds go away smoothly. There are cases, where we need to pay the bill. We do it by letting feelings, like sincere regret and compassion in. We are often afraid of this, of facing the truth, even though, we take a huge burden off our souls, when we finally do it. No matter how painful

it seems, it is definitely worth the pain.

The confrontation with the truth opens the way to change. And change opens the way to happiness.











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