Transforming hypnosis

What Is Transforming Hypnosis?

Transforming hypnosis is a unique way to create direct contact with our subconscious, and through it with our feelings and our limiting ideas. We gain access to our inner resources. Thus our inner strength and intuition are mobilized and it leads us to a fuller, freer and happier life.

In What Ways Can Transforming Hypnosis Help You?

Do you feel that you have lost control over your life?
Do you feel that there is much more to you, than what you show? That you cannot fulfill yourself?
Maybe you feel that something is missing from your life?
Or that you are stuck and do not know which way to go?
Perhaps there is an inner tension within you, but you do not know what to do with it?

The roots of your problems, as well as the solution lie within you!

The only question is how you can access these inherent treasures.
As I said, this is where transforming hypnosis can help you. It can help you to build up that connection between you and your wonderful internal resources!

If you carry unnecessaryStress can be easily eliminated with self-hypnosis
worries …
grief and feelings of loss…
relationship problems,

if you have almost forgotten how
positive emotions…
optimism and
a healthy relationship feel like,
you don’t have to carry these burdens!
You can also choose to let them go.

Psychological tensions show that our relationship with the Inner Self is weakened. The innate harmony is gone. This condition can backfire on many areas of our lives.

In this case, the wrong solution is to wait for this condition to improve on its own. Usually it does not.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again
and expecting different results. ”

/Albert Einstein

An even worse solution is the ‘ostrich policy’; keep doing as if nothing was wrong. This way we deny and repress the emotional and psychological problems.

What happens in this case (I’m sure it won’t take you by surprise) is that internal tension grows, like steam in a pot. Especially if we do this for decades. The result is highly destructive. It can affect our health, career, relationships and much more.

What is the right solution then?

Change, of course!

First: We need to take the decision that we start changing ourselves and with that our lives!
Second: We must take responsibility! We are all responsible for our lives! As long as we do not recognize this and just keep pointing at others, we will deprive ourselves of the possibility of change. That way we only bring on suffering and helplessness!
And at last: We need to take action! There no use waiting for the world to adjust itself to us. We need to make the first moves towards a better life. If we don’t do it, no one is going to do that for us.

Then the usual question arises: Okay, but how?

Any change should be first made in the mind.
That’s why transforming hypnosis can be of invaluable help: it makes direct communication with the subconscious possible. It sets its extraordinary knowledge and skills free. The cure for each of your problem is within you! I can’t repeat it often enough!
Use the transforming hypnosis as a bridge between you and your wonderful subconscious mind!

One more thing!

Change does not come without work. This is not an escape from reality into the realm of imagination.
What we do is very serious work that requires commitment. Negative energies that have crystallized and accumulated over the years, and which are so common in modern life, are being released through the inner consciousness. Your energy is transformed in a positive way, which makes a wonderful impact on your life.

If you are serious about wanting to change, sign in for a personal consultation.
A journey full of exiting challenges and joy begins for you from the moment that you step on the path of positive change and start freeing your mind!

It is a wonderful feeling to take the steering wheel of your life in your hands!

Freedom of soul

Attention: I'm not doing any healing, medical activity or psychotherapy!