Do you feel that you’re not living your dream? That your lack of self confidence gets in your way? Self-hypnosis can help.

Most people think that it’s just a matter of luck that some people are full of self confidence, while others seem to have very little. As if it was determined by some force of above.
I know, I used to be a person with very little self confidence and my self esteem was weak, as well.
The world seemed to be intimidating.
Until one day a miracle happened.

For me at least, it was a break-through.

What happened?

I went to a hypnosis session. I didn’t know exactly what to expect, and I didn’t really know, what I wanted with it. Back then, I used to think I was simply curious.

Now I know, it was my subconscious that led me there, on purpose.

At first, I was a bit puzzled.

Was that how hypnosis felt like? What if I wasn’t in a trance at all, and all I’ve experienced, well… I just made it up?

But can we ‘make up’ our feelings? What was all that pain that came up? I had no idea of carrying it along.

I went home in a daze, under the influence of all those feeling, sensations and tons of questions.

What now? Was that it? I just WANTED to know more! I just wanted to understand the workings of my own mind.

It was then that I started learning hypnosis and self-hypnosis. There was no stopping then.

What I learned?

That I was not living the life up to my potential. Far from it.

And that my confidence was weak. That I was full of fears, doubts and despair even.

And that all of this happened just because my head – my subconscious – was full of negative beliefs about myself and the world.

I have already invested a lot of money into all kinds of courses, so I knew that much. My logical mind was overloaded with all kind of wisdom.

But the REAL, BIG CHANGE never happened.


Because these negative programs were safe and sound in my subconscious.

The very first thing that could release and transform them, was hypnosis and of course, self-hypnosis.

I only needed to understand how the subconscious works, and learn to communicate with it, then the change happened by itself.

Suddenly I realized that

I’m totally calm and relaxed in situations, where I used to have a knot in my stomach.
I’m more in control of my decisions and life
people like my presence
people trust me and are motivated by my energy
the world is full of beauty and possibility instead of threats and problems
my problems seem to get solved much more quickly
I found my WAY, and the courage to go on this way
I’m happier and feel more fulfilled than ever before!

And I know that all of this is simply due to the natural power of my subconscious.


You can do the same!

As all people, who go through changes like this, I also want to share it with others.

I help you to build up a connection – relationship really – with your subconscious.

Your mind and your subconscious has some rules. If you follow those rules then you will inevitably get in touch with your Inner Higher Self. Your very special goal for this life is there. It is waiting for you to listen to it and to follow it, to become your most confident, most fulfilled self.

So, what are you waiting for? ?

What can you use Self-hypnosis for?

-For easy weight-loss,

-for solving problems,

-for financial success,

-for improving self confidence

… and so much more!

I summarized my experiences in a very intense Self-hypnosis Course, which you can access for free.

There are 4 downloadable, guided self-hypnosis exercises attached to this course and a pdf workbook.

All this together is called the FREE Self-hypnosis & Deep Meditation Bundle. Why deep meditation? Because through regular self-hypnosis exercises your level of trance will get really deep. Cool feeling.

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