How does hypnosis feel like?

Many people ask what self-hypnosis or hypnosis is supposed to feel like.

There is really no answer to that. It varies very much.

People think that trance is equal to that very relaxed state, where we are somewhere between consciousness and sleep.

It is indeed a form of self-hypnosis and trance. But it is not the only form of trance.

You are in a trance when you get frightened and the world narrows down to that scary noise or barking dog (whatever that scared you).

You are in a trance when you lose someone and time seems to stop and freeze.

You are in a trance when you are so absorbed in your computer that you don’t realize that it’s already midnight. The same goes for staring at the screen with glassy eyes, holding your breath until you find out if your fav Game of Thrones character dies or not.

You are in a trance when you are anxiously wringing your hands before a public speaking performance or an exam.

You are definitely in a trance when you are in love and all you can think of is his eyes, his smile or if he has answered to your message.

You are in a deep trance when you make love.

You are in a trance when you pray, experience extasy or spiritual expansion.

I could go on forever.

The point is, it is not easy to expect a definite feeling you are supposed to feel, when in trance.

It can be anxiety, fear, relaxation, extasy, grief, joy, literally everything.

What is in common then?

There is one thing and it is your focus.

In self-hypnosis, you LEARN TO recognize when your focus is directed by other things (like the Game of Thrones or some annoying friend) and you learn to CONTROL AND DIRECT it.

The signs of trance IN MEDITATION are what I have mentioned in a post before: warmth, eye-movement, increased lacrimation, red-eyes etc.

So your experience was a trance, correct.
Now you can learn to take over the control over your other moments of trance.

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