How to lose weight fast with hypnosis and why do we do it the hard way

In this article, I’m going to share the secret of how to lose weight fast by overwriting the 4 basic subconscious program types that keep people overweight. This way you can lose weight super effectively without the Jojo effect.


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So if you’ve been trying to find out how to lose weight fast & easy and in a healthy way–keep reading…

How To Lose Weight Fast – The (very) HARD Way

When I first wanted to lose weight I was about 15 and I thought it was all about the diet.

It’s about:

  • what you can eat,
  • how you can eat,
  • how many times,
  • in what combination,
  • when and why.
  • And of course about doing sports, training the abs, tights etc.

It worked. But only for a while.

Something happened and I was back to my usual weight with a little more frustration behind my back, still not knowing how to lose weight fast without torturing myself and wanting to eat more than ever before.

Still, I didn’t give up and repeated the process again and again with little adjustments.

My weight didn’t change significantly until I got to the college. Then it happened by itself. Why? I didn’t really care, I was simply glad that it happened. (No awareness whatsoever. :D)

How To Lose Weight Fast -The EASY Way

Many years later I was in a phase where I was not particularly overweight, but I didn’t like the way I look. It happened that we went on a trip to Perú that year.

That trip changed everything. I finally figured out how to lose weight fast, easy and to my greatest surprise – quite naturally.

How to lose weight fast - the magic word is awareness!

What happened?

The first step: awareness

We traveled a lot and our constant coming and going turned my usual eating habits upside down. I lost a lot of weight. And then I started to become aware of the ideas and feelings I used to have concerning food and eating.

Years later, when I finally gathered a significant amount of experience with hypnosis I understood, how our subconscious programs keep us overweight and why. Now I give you the quintessence of this knowledge so that you can use it in the most effective way.

Second step: rewriting our subconscious programs and lose weight super effectively

Our subconscious programs keep us overweight

Our efforts to lose weight waver or falter whenever they run against our subconscious programs. No matter how good the diet is, losing weight becomes a struggle against our most powerful self-defense systems.

What are these subconscious programs?

  1. Emotions and the attached programs
  2. False beliefs about eating, food and ourselves
  3. Misinterpreted body signs
  4. Bad eating habits, automatism

1. Emotions and the attached programs

They can be various, like

  • loneliness
  • lack of self-love
  • boredom
  • stress
  • anger
  • self-hatred and so much more.

How it works?

How to lose weight fast - negative emotions can cause overweight so we need to transform them into positive energy

These emotions cause inner tension. Our subconscious uses eating as a compensation mechanism to reduce tension for various reasons. As we get overweight and unhappy with our condition that causes extra tension. Solution? The subconscious pushes the button: “Eat more”.

As we start a diet, we attack our own self-defense mechanism. We can do it as long as our will power lasts, but our will power is controlled by our conscious mind. It is 5% of our brain activity. It tries to go against the 95% of our energy, which resides in our subconscious. That’s what makes it so hard.

As soon as our conscious mind gets distracted or its control weakens, the subconscious tension finds it way out and the subconscious restores its initial (although distorted) balance.

What to do to stop emotional eating?

Fighting against our subconscious costs too much energy and is therefore never effective.

To lose weight super effectively you need to come in terms with your subconscious. Then it will not simply stand out of the way, but it will use that 95% of your energy to help you to achieve your goal.

To do that you need to become aware of the feeling that your subconscious tries to compensate.

Use self-hypnosis to

  • become aware of the feeling
  • locate this feeling in your body
  • accept this feeling
  • communicate with this feeling, ask what it wants, how you can give it
  • give yourself, what you lack
  • transform this feeling according to the advice you get from your subconscious
  • use positive suggestions to create new, positive feelings

2. False beliefs about eating, food and ourselves

There are millions of them. We all have at least a dozen if not more, from “I can’t get full with vegetables” through “I must eat everything on the plate”  and “Gym means torture” to “our family is genetically overweight”.

How to lose weight fast - we need to reprogram ourselves, like "active sports are FUN"


The basic principle is that these ideas present themselves as reality, but in fact they are only ideas and nothing more.

In your subconscious they run as a program. For example if you believe that you can’t get full with vegetables, your subconscious won’t let your brain register that you have eaten enough. As a result you will feel hunger.

What to do to rewrite them?

You need to

  • become aware of these programs and
  • start to detach them from reality.
  • Then write contrary suggestions, like “I recognize the sign my body sends me when I’ve eaten enough. I only eat as much as my body needs in order to stay full of energy,  feel dynamic, light and good.”

Use self-hypnosis to get the message through to your subconscious.

3. Misinterpreted body signs

There are lots of sensations we tend to misinterpret as hunger. Just the most common ones:

  1. Thirst
  2. The sensation of pyrosis or acid reflux
  3. The feeling of “neediness” or “craving”
  4. The sensation caused by the lack of some kind of nutrition
  5. The discomfort of a dilated stomach
  6. The lack of fullness in the stomach
  7. Sugar addiction
  8. Drastic changes in the blood sugar level.
  9. A false sense of hunger induced by alcohol.
  10. Quitting smoking causes a sensation similar to hunger.
  11. The sensation of fatigue, exhaustion or lack of sleep.

How to lose weight fast - we need to become aware of the misinterpreted body signs

What to do to understand them right?

Write suggestions that enable you to

  • become aware of the sensation
  • recognize the true nature of the sensation
  • act upon the real need of your body

Use self-hypnosis to implant these suggestions in your subconscious mind.

4. Bad eating habits

How to lose weight fast - we need to change our eating preferences according to the needs of the body


These are simply habits, for example: eat pop corn in the cinema. You have conditioned your brain to eat in certain ways in certain circumstances.

There is no reason for you to feel better with a pop corn in the cinema, but the strong conditioning you got: “movie = pop corn = feel good”.

It is a Pavlov reflex.

You are free to rewrite these reflexes and no longer depend on them.

How to do that?

  • As usual, it starts with awareness. Exactly.
  • Then you become aware of your own feeling that you no longer want this reflex. This triggers the defense system of your subconscious against the reflex.
  • Then you rewrite the program in a positive way. For example, you see yourself in the cinema, feeling wonderful and free, as you are holding your partners hand. Chose your own image according to your needs.
  • Do this visualization in self-hypnosis to get a deeper effect.


Effective weight loss is not a question of great effort and a lot of energy. If so, then you know that you are fighting with your subconscious.

How to lose weight fast - we need to stop fighting our subconscious, because it always wins in the end


Just start becoming aware of your subconscious energies and mechanisms. Awareness alone will solve a lot of problems.

For deeper changes use your subconscious to understand why your energies are directed into eating, how you can let go of the negative feelings you don’t need and how you can give yourself the positive feelings you need.

You don’t need to do it the hard way! Now you know how to lose weight fast, easy and in a healthy, most natural way, so start the change now!

Your action item for today

Take a piece of paper and write down everything you ate today, this way:

  1. .When you ate it?
  2. What did you eat?
  3. What emotions did you have at that time? (Were you stressed out, bored, anxious etc.)
  4. How hungry you were before eating? (From 1 to 10, if 1 is full stomach and 10 is dying of hunger)
  5. How full did you feel after eating (From 1 to 10, if 1 is empty stomach and 10 is bursting full)

Do it right now, it will be pretty interesting. Write down the tiniest bits you ate and the drinks as well! Super important!


Now re-read your list and put a number next to each item from 1 to 4, each number representing one of the four basic subconscious programs:

  1. Emotions and the attached programs (eg.: anxiety)
  2. False beliefs about eating, food and ourselves (eg.: “I need to eat in the morning, whether I’m hungry or not”, or “I can’t live without a sweet coffee in the morning”)
  3. Misinterpreted body signs (eg.: that empty feeling in the stomach caused by stress)
  4. Bad eating habits, automatism (eg.: eating chips before the computer)

I hope you got at least one “Ahha, now I get it!” moment. If so, I’m incredibly happy!

If you know others, who want to learn how to lose weight fast and whom this article could help, don’t hesitate and share. Thanks!

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