How to cope with anxiety?

I was asked: How to cope with anxiety?

A simple exercise:

Think of one situation that makes you anxious.
Observe your level of anxiety, as it gets stronger the more you think of that thing. Observe how you actually TRANSFORM your energy into anxiety.

How you do that? By focusing on anxiety and attaching it to the situation.

Remember, have you ever made yourself more anxious then you were before? Sure. Just recall that.

Now you know that you can make your anxiety stronger.

If so, this means you have the power over this energy.
Then why wouldn’t you be able to change its direction?

Good. Now imagine someone in the same situation, who is not affected the way you are. Who stays calm, relaxed or simply confident and strong.

Can you feel that the situation has nothing to do with anxiety? Then what it is that causes anxiety?
How do you do that?

When you think of a situation that causes anxiety, dig deeper into that thought that you create. What it is that you are most afraid of? Talk to this fear. What if the worst scenario happened? The more you dissect your fear the less energy it will have. Dissect it like some dead toad in a laboratory.

When done, imagine someone who reacts completely calm in that situation. Imagine what he/she feels, thinks. Be that powerful person, act like that person.

If you experiment a little with this exercise you will very soon feel the results.

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