How can I stop thoughts while meditating?

Here’s a question I get almost every day: “How can I stop thoughts while meditating?”

Sure. We ALL face that problem at some point.

The reason

our ‘focus-muscles’ are not trained enough to keep the mind quiet, AND we have a lot of suppressed stuff (from anxiety to stress, anger, hurt, etc.) that wants our attention.

The real problem is that this buzzing makes us frustrated and we start to distrust our ability to switch off and relax.
In stress, our problem-solving ability gets drastically worse, memory deteriorates, we start to manifest more stressful things.

Sounds familiar?

You don’t have to believe me, just look back at your life and recognize the pattern: when you were stressed, things seemed to get worse, when you kept calm, the circumstances improved, God sent solutions suddenly appeared. Right?

So it’s really not about meditation, it’s about how we control the energies that we attract in our lives.


Long-term solution: free your suppressed energies and train your brain to control your focus.

A tip for an instant effect

– go out and do some physical exercise until you feel pleasantly tired (“Run, Forest, run!” )
– take a hot and cold shower (switch the temperature at least three times)
– and then sit down to meditate. (Make sure the air is fresh in the room and that you are very comfortable).

That way, instead of swimming against the current of your tense energies you transformed them physically, and now your brain is filled with endorphins. It will be more cooperative, you’ll see.

But remember to take care of those energies and improve your focusing abilities in the long run. Super important!


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