Help! I can’t relax during meditation

There are two major obstacles you most probably have:

1. an underlying emotion that hinders you in relaxation.
2. the “muscles” of your focus are not trained properly.

“Falling asleep” in hypnosis is often an escape mechanism of the mind. The same goes for the constant “humming” of thoughts.

You can trick it by going INTO the emotion and sensations that you feel. Start with the sensations.

As you close your eyes, watch the darkness of your eyelids. Look deep into this darkness. Watch the patterns. Feel the depth behind your eyes. Feel your body. Start to feel the muscle tension in your body. Start to feel any stress within it. When you found it (eg.: a tension around your heart or stomach) observe it. What form does it have? How does it feel? (See the post about the therapy with Michaela about not feeling good enough). Then be this feeling. Tell what you have to tell, what you feel, what is in you.
Start to communicate with this feeling. Find out what it wants from you.

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