FREE Self-hypnosis & Deep Meditation for Beginners Bundle

What you get in the FREE Self-hypnosis Bundle:

  • instant lifetime access to the FULL VIDEO COURSE

  • 4 guided meditation mp3s that you can take with you on your phone or computer

  • A Step-by-Step PDF Workbook with fillable exercises


This is quintessential knowledge, which I collected through years of training, practice and again practice. Now it’s your chance to save yourself the time and money and get the most important knowledge and skills that’ll help you to start a new life you were born to live.

After finishing this Free Self-Hypnosis Course you’ll be able to start changing your life in ways, you have only been dreaming of.

This course takes you further, than usual self-hypnosis books, because you will get first hand experience in working with your subconscious.

As long as you simply hear about these things that stays information for you, but I want that my students to EXPERIENCE the things they learn about. This is what turns information into KNOWLEDGE. That’s why I’m including practical, self-hypnosis exercises in my material.

I think it is very important that you LIVE WHAT YOU LEARN, and not just passively listen to it. This creates deeper understanding, knowledge and awareness. And that is already the first step towards turning tedious everyday life into a miraculous creation.

So, what we are going to cover in this Free Self-Hypnosis Course is:

  • A basic understanding of where you are now, why you are here and what’s keeping you here.
  • We will talk about how your mind created IDEAS of the world, of how it works and yourself, and how these ideas got fixed in your mind. How they created belief systems, how they influenced your behavior, how behavior became habit and attitude.
  • And you will see, how all this determines your life now.
  • Then we will cover why these ideas are so resistant to change and what is the most effective method to change them.

I will guide you step-by-step through the phases of

  • Taking RESPONSIBILITY for your life not just intellectually, but deep from your heart. (If you are already aware of your responsibility, it’s wonderful. The material helps you gain a further insight in the process of how you create your reality and to map out if there are parts left, where you don’t take full responsibility.)
  • As a next step I’ll help you to make the DECISION intellectually, emotionally and spiritually, whether to make a fundamental change or not, and what does this imply
  • Step 3. I will help you to set the right OBJECTIVES.
  • Then you will learn the basic SKILLS you need to boost your power to act

What skills do we learn in the Free Self-hypnosis & Deep Meditation for Beginners Bundle?

  • First important skill you will acquire is to recognize and induce a stable trance state.
  • As next, you’ll learn how to write effective suggestions.
  • Then you are going to create your own suggestions, tailored to the objectives you have set during the guided self-hypnosis exercise.
  • You will learn the basic principles of communicating with your subconscious.
  • You will do an AWARENESS exercise, which will help you to improve your awareness skill.

Make it FUN!

It is great work, but take the toddler-approach to learning: just think of the enthusiasm and fun they have learning to walk, even though at that phase it’s a HUGE accomplishment! And they do it laughing!

As a transforming hypnotist, I live what I teach. Hypnosis has literally changed my life and me at my very core and if there was something worth learning, then it was to understand my subconscious, learn to communicate and cooperate with it. It was a wonderful gift!!! And I want to share it with you!

What inspires me to do these courses is to help people, like you learn the skills, which enable them to use their inner power, wisdom and motivation.

I help them to connect with their inner self, to become spiritually independent, so that they no longer need gurus or constant assistance and guidance. All they need is within themselves. All they need is to learn to access it.

So I encourage you to enroll and make this course, but I encourage you even more to start this journey within you!

I will be there to help and provide you support on your way and I hope that there comes the day when you will no longer need my help. Instead you will be help and inspiration to others!

 Start NOW! Time is precious!

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