Free Lectures from the Online Self-hypnosis Course

Get half an hour of free lectures from the Online Self-hypnosis Course: Key to Freedom and Life-change!

Do you want to KNOW your Real Purpose in this Life?

You could make this very moment a changing point in your life. You can choose a different path, a path that leads to the Real, Higher You.

What you need to do is to quiet your thoughts and listen to your Inner Voice, the Voice of Your Subconscious. It is always there for you. It is that inner nudging that you feel any time you leave your real path.

If you want to learn to communicate with this voice of inner wisdom, have a peek into the Free Lectures of the Self-hypnosis Course: Key to Freedom. It is designed to build up that bridge between you and your divine Real Self.

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Remember, you have nothing to loose, but your limitations!


Well, everything needs an introduction…

Your Energy is Creative Force

Here we talk about the basic concept of our spiritual existence: the creative force. All we do and experience in our lives is the projection of this energy on the environment and interacting with the reflection. The way we project and receive this energy is the way we use it. Any negative effects lie in the way we use this energy.

You Have All the Resources Within You

Creative Force is in the subconscious and the inner mind. As we learn to access, understand and effectively cooperate with our subconscious, we will get the power and help we need.

To communicate with the subconscious we need to open ourselves, ask, expect some kind of answer and listen with gratefulness.

One of the Most Effective Tools for Change is Self-hypnosis

Hypnosis is a tool that creates direct contact with the subconscious. I’ll explain what hypnosis is and how it works.

The Benefits of Self-hypnosis

One can never talk too much about the benefits of self-hypnosis. A bit deeper on the benefits you can read here.

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