Easy & Healthy Weight Loss – Free Email Crash Course

This is a 6 part free “Easy & Healthy Weight Loss” email crash course, where you become aware and transform the subconscious programs that are keeping you overweight.

In this free course you get

  • weekly assignments
  • a closed support group, where you can ask and you get the help you need
  • and free self-hypnosis audios

You will

  • understand the way your subconscious works and how it affects your eating
  • find out what emotions and programs control your eating habits and cravings
  • go through an emotional cleansing with daily guided meditations to transform your negative emotions and learn to give yourself the emotional energies you need
  • learn to relax deeply and let go
  • map your harmful eating habits and programs
  • write positive suggestions and change your negative programs
  • and most hopefully – have FUN!


Start the Course now!

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