Chasing The Cheshire Cat

What is free-new-you all about?

This is a collection of precious experience about hypnosis, subconscious, consciousness and the deeper layers of our subjective world, I gained during self-hypnosis or hypnosis sessions with my clients. First, it was hard to decide what to do with this incredibly rich information I receive every day. Over time, however, a whole picture started to show bit by bit, and I finally understood why I’m here. Now I share this experience with you. It will help to awaken that Inner Knowledge in you that can show you the Way.

What About The Cheshire Cat?

Alice steps into Wonderland and perceives a completely new reality
Alice steps into Wonderland and perceives an entirely new reality

If you read the book ‘Alice in Wonderland’, or if you saw the movie, you probably remember the mysterious, grinning cat, the Cheshire Cat, whose funny comments completely baffled poor Alice.

Now, my case with my Higher Self was strikingly similar. At first, I had little idea what it wanted to tell me. Everything seemed very confused and unclear. It sometimes felt quite frustrating.

I was frustrated that I don’t understand this new reality the way I understand the old. I was frustrated because I had no idea how to connect the two realities. And I was frustrated for I often didn’t get straight answers to my questions. Instead, my higher consciousness took me into an entirely new direction.

Once, in a moment of complete confusion, I asked my Higher Self (in a somewhat disgruntled way), why would it deny me an answer to my specific question? Why did I get information about something completely different? What is this abstract stuff I get, which sounds like some spiritual jabber of an unacknowledged guru? Or am I becoming the ‘Mad Hatter’?

The Wrong Questions

The answer to my impertinent question was immediate. It was that my questions were based on total misconceptions; that is I consistently put the wrong questions. If my Higher Self had provided straight answers to them, it would have utterly misled me. Instead, it chose to give me that piece of information, which I needed to solve my problem on a deeper level. It decided to educate me and to help to change the roots of my perspective.

Arguing With The Cheshire Cat

‘All right,’ I replied, not quite satisfied with the answer, ‘but why don’t I understand a thing? Why is it gibberish to me?’

‘Because you consciously learned to approach things with you linear, logical intellect,’ my Higher Self patiently explained, ‘and it is constrained. It can only move along its narrow plane. That’s why it can only show you a very thin slice of your reality. If you try to understand reality based on the narrow projection the logical intellect presents you with, you will get a very distorted, incomplete picture.
Until you learn to use your intuitive mind to experience reality beyond the boundaries of linear logic, you will not see the broad coherence of the received information. Not until then will you understand that between the two points of where you are now and where you want to get, the shortest way leads directly through this seemingly twisted maze of information.
For now, rely on your intuition and faith, and when you have learned enough to switch to a higher consciousness, suddenly the whole picture will take shape before your eyes.’

‘Is that it? All I can do is to settle for groping in the dark? But I want to UNDERSTAND! I don’t want to sit and wait until the mist lifts, if ever!’ I rebelled.

‘That’s exactly your problem. You try to understand things, according to your current limited concepts and misconceptions. You want to understand all at once, instead of first experiencing what you struggle to understand.’

I cannot say that my frustration was gone, but curiously enough, there was a deep feeling of tranquility beneath it. I had no choice, but to accept that if I wanted to gain a new understanding, I had to earn experience first and I needed to give up most of my current concepts entirely.

A New Perspective On Reality

Alice asks the Cheshire cat
Alice asks the Cheshire cat, which way to go (illustration of Sir John Tenniel from 1865)

As a result a deeper reality, a kind of Wonderland started to unfold itself before me; an amazing realm of the mind. All that seemed to be some fairyland gibberish, slowly took shape, as a new and astonishing understanding of our the universe built up within me. I started to perceive a ‘structure’ of an amazing scale and creativity.
Each day, I cannot help but marvel at this amazing world we live in. This intelligence  beyond all our intelligence, which creates endless varieties of its self-organizing systems and processes. I wish, more people would wake up to this miracle that surrounds us every moment, whether within or without!

I’ll do my best to share some of this experience with you so that your own inner knowledge and understanding resonates with it and you wake up to this wonder and joy around us!

Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

Illustrations come from the movie Alice in Wonderland (2010) by Walt Disney Pictures  and reedited original illustrations of the book.




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