Professional background, in a nutshell

My name is Irina Furin.

I’m certified by the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners as a  hypnotherapist.

I have studied two main branches of hypnosis: traditional hypnosis, which is mainly based on suggestions, and transforming hypnosis.

I was an apprentice of Dr. John Butler, who was a friend and colleague of Gil Boyne, the creator of the revolutionary method of Transforming Therapy™. 

I first saw John in a video, where he demonstrates anesthesia with self-hypnosis for his abdominal surgery. I was shocked, impressed and speechless at the same time. I could hardly believe my eyes. Now I know that the mind is capable of ‘miracles.’ The only limit is our limited ideas. Later, when I got to know John in person, I became convinced that he is a truly exceptional person.
I also owe a lot to my two other teachers, Attila Balázs, and Tamás Péter. Both of them helped me incredibly much.

A have the Certificates of the Hypnotherapy Training International in

  1. Hypnosis: the Basics
  2. Transformational Hypnosis
  3. Hypnotherapy
  4. Advanced Analytical Hypnotherapy
  5. Medical Hypnotherapy
  6. Transforming Fertility and Birth
  7. Hypnotherapy Masterclass


I also have the

  1. Certification of Hypnotherapy
  2. Diploma in Hypnotherapy

of the Americal School of Hypnosis.
and the

Rewind Technique Training from the Uncommon Practitioners (Mark Tyrrell)

which is an astonishing NLP technique to lift PTSD and phobias rapidly, usually in a single session.


But my most excellent teacher is the INNER MIND, both my own and that of my clients. In the trance state, it opens us to our marvelous inner treasures.

Why do I do this?


Transforming hypnotherapy and self-hypnosis changed my life so profoundly and in so many positive ways that it set me free of my old, limiting self. It is, of course, still an ongoing process, as I expand my consciousness to always larger and broader parts of my inner person, but if anything was worth the effort, money and time to learn, then definitely THIS WAS IT!

Being a hypnotist, I still practice self-hypnosis on a daily basis. It has become an invaluable source of inspiration, guidance, and learning, and over the past years, I developed several techniques to help my clients reach the same results or even higher.

I realized, and I experience it day by day, that our inner consciousness has all the power, wisdom and confidence we seem to lack in our daily life. This source is not that hard to reach, as it comes to our rescue if we call it.

That’s why, after helping my clients to solve some emotional issues they didn’t seem to be able to cope with on their own, I encourage them to learn self-hypnosis, learn the workings of the inner mind and become their masters.

As a helper, I’m genuinely moved and inspired every time I see a person get rid of his/her limiting energies and suddenly awaken to the freedom that comes to them as a gulp of fresh air. It’s a beautiful feeling.

I work so that they realize that they don’t need me anymore because they can continue on their own.

That was the reason why I created Free-new-you.com, and the courses: to guide people back to their INNER SOURCE. To help them free themselves.

How Did I End Up With Hypnosis?

Psychology and Its Current Limits

Since my childhood, I was always looking for answers and explanations to the phenomena that I experienced and which, I knew, directed and determined my life.

Therefore, quite naturally, first I threw myself into psychology. It had become such an incredible passion that I even played with the idea of getting a diploma in it, along my other university degrees. But slowly I got to the realization that psychology was unable to give a full explanation of my experience. It became clear that I needed to go in a different direction. I came to a fundamental truth: we don’t get to the roots of our problems if we don’t dig more in-depth than the layers of ‘normal,’ limited consciousness. The intellect, no matter how polished, cannot give the solution, because it is part of the problem.

Philosophy and Spiritualism

Then, quite predictably, I turned my attention to esoteric and spiritual teachings. I also eagerly searched for answers in philosophical books as well, and I must say, I found a lot of great stuff there.

Each piece of information gathered I compared to my inner experiences. I wanted to find something that explains them, that allows me to understand my reality without having to ignore or deny large parts of it just to fit it into a widely accepted concept.

Intuition was an excellent friend along the way.

I learned a lot from Jane Roberts’ Seth books. These were probably the books that gave me the most useful answers that did not contradict or ignore my own inner experience.

Up to this point, all went in an entirely predictable way. My knowledge, my insight, and understanding were growing. Still, one thing was missing. And I had no idea what that was.

I noticed that no matter how much I read or meditated, some essential things still stayed the same. Although I had already analyzed and understood some inner processes a thousand times, I still kept falling back to old habits and harmful behavior patterns. I realized that I got somehow stuck at the level of the intellect.

Hypnosis, a New Perspective

Then I became acquainted with hypnotherapy. My first experience was so shocking that I immediately knew that I finally found what I missed. The perfect tool for me. I’m not saying that hypnosis is the holy grail, no. I mean that it’s a tool that provides the key to our inner mind. Deep inside in all of us, there we find our own Holy Grail. From now on, it only depends on us.

Hypnosis itself is merely a state of trance, in which we get into more direct contact with our inner being. In this trance state (or states) we learn to access and use our tremendous resources.

That was the missing chain between the theoretical knowledge of the books and the knowledge of the inner reality.

The Real Change

Tedious attempts to change on the intellectual level were replaced by a conscious and profound change.

I feel very fortunate to see how other people also experience extraordinary changes in them. I see people wake up from their slumber, being reborn spiritually and emotionally. In fact, they are becoming more and more their real selves. I don’t see them as clients, customers or patients. For me, they are souls who seek fulfillment just as we all do.

I help people to experience the bigger picture of their reality. To overcome that wall they set them and their inner self. I’m here to help and provide support along the way, and I hope that there comes a day when they no longer need me. Instead, they will be help and inspiration to others!