10 reasons to love self-hypnosis

Hypnosis is a natural and deeply relaxed state of mind. It is an extremely focused and clear state of awareness and has numerous beneficial effects.

Beside the general beneficial effects, this very special state of mind enables us to most efficiently change ourselves, and with that, to change our lives.

This state of consciousness is our spiritual “Swiss Army knife”, a very versatile tool. Let’s see what I mean.

1. It’s amazing stress relief

The psychological and physical effects of stress are widely known; among them we find low-spirits, irritability, muscle tension, upset stomach, blood pressure fluctuations, increased sweating, concentration problems, memory problems, all kinds of aches, pains, disorders and so on. New researches start to reveal the link between disease and stress. Stress and Disease – Conditions that May Be Caused by Chronic Stress
Hypnosis is a natural altered state of mind, which makes an extremely profound physical, emotional and mental relaxation possible. This trinity allows our body to catch its breath and start rapidly to regenerate itself. As you see, it is extremely healthy!

2. Increases self-esteem, confidence and trust

Many people mention this benefit, mostly those, who had issues with their self-confidence.
Why is it that effective in raising our self-esteem? In the hypnotic state of mind, you learn to recognize and use the resources of your subconscious. The more you practice, the better you start to feel this inner strength, and the more easily you can use it for your personal development.

In short time you will realize that you have an incredible source on your side, which is constantly helping you to overcome the problems of your everyday life. Soon, what you perceived as problems before will turn into challenges; you have all the means to solve.
You gradually put down those harmful delusional ideas that you are small or helpless in the face of your circumstances, since your inner mind will provide you the wisdom, which will make you able to see your life and purpose clearly.

3. Increases emotional intelligence and the empathic ability

From a practical point of view it means that with the regular hypnosis/self-hypnosis you become increasingly aware of your emotions, and not only then, when they have already caused trouble. You will recognize emotions and their real, deeper roots in advance.
You will become more and more adept in recognizing, how these energies drive people, and with that insight you will become more accepting with other people’s views. This way, you are going to be able to control emotional situations a lot better.

4. Improves the problem-solving ability

Development of the emotional intelligence automatically brings on the improvement of the problem-solving ability.

This means that you no longer run wildly into conflicts, (if that was your preferred method of defending your interests) blinded by your hurt feelings. You will understand with a deep inner certainty that it would simply be a way of letting out your tension on other people, instead of solving the problem. As a consequence, your partner would also become tense and would increasingly be driven by his or her feelings rather than focusing on the best way to solve the problem.

If you used to be the type, who rather swallowed your feelings and suppressed their energy, so as not to get into a conflict, then you will realize how much negative energies you suppressed. You will understand how these negative energies affect you and your environment.

Instead of these two, obviously harmful solutions, you will learn a new method of dealing with your negative feelings and this new method will be based on your expanding consciousness. You will understand how you create negative feelings with your thoughts and your approach. You will consciously perceive your tension at an early stage, where it is yet easily manageable. You will learn to transform its energy in a way, which will help you to bring a solution to the situation instead of making it worse.

5. Helps to maintain internal equilibrium and serenity

Another “side effect” is that you become calmer in your everyday life. As you start to consciously recognize and transform your emotions into positive energies you will be much less tense, simply because you don’t let tension build up.

You are going to be able to manage difficult situations with ease and calmness. This will affect your environment as well, and it will further reinforce your internal power and serenity.

6. Brings up positive feelings, like joy, freedom and others

This is my personal favorite. Sensations like joy and freedom will become your natural state. This doesn’t mean that you are always going to see life in pink, and will be fluttering above the ground like a butterfly. It simply means that you are going to notice and experience the beauty of life more often.

You will, of course, experience sadness and other emotions that are part of our life and have their role at certain times, but you won’t get caught in a negative spiral, as many of us do. You will be able to let those feelings go, instead of clinging to them, as if all opposite, positive emotions would merely be an illusion.

7. Gives a clearer understanding of our purpose in life

Until we tidy up our emotions and energies that are cast into our subconscious, we’ll keep on stumbling in our lives, like in a dark and utterly cluttered room. We see our goal vaguely, indistinctly, if at all and from time to time we notice that we are going in a completely wrong direction; that that goal was not even ours, or if it was ours it hardly brought us any happiness at all. Not to mention the toes we shatter during the search.

With hypnosis you build up a relationship with your Inner Mind. It is as if it you switched on a torch.
The “room” of your soul will become brighter and more comfortable and with it your life will also become ‘cosier’ for you and your family.

8. Improves relationships

One of the most effective ways to change ourselves is hypnosis.
But what do we mean by ‘changing ourselves’?
Our Inner Self, our Soul is already perfect.
What should then be changed? It is the behavior, habits, attitude, thoughts, belief systems and through them, our energy. It is the way we use our energy, the way we distort and project it is what should be changed. The way we use our energy has an impact on our environment and it also directly determines our relationships.
In hypnosis you learn to recognize how you currently use your energy and how it gets crystallized into harmful attitude or traits.

‘It’s just the way I am.’ Sounds familiar? It is a common and quite convenient excuse that helps to avoid having to face ourselves.

Through raising your inner awareness you learn to distinguish between you and the numerous subconscious programs that form your personality as you perceive it today. You will learn to recognize and rewrite your harmful programs, so that their energy no longer impede but assist you.

And it is no secret that positive energy attracts people.

9. It dramatically improves self-awareness

Working with our Inner Self inevitably increases our understanding about ourselves.
For those of you who hang on to the delusion that there is nothing they don’t know about themselves and that there is nothing new to be told, I must say that this is an endless journey. The more we see and understand about ourselves and through us about the world, the more we realize, how much have yet to discover.

This recognition wakes a feeling of admiration and humility toward your own being. The more insight you get into our Inner, Divine Self, the more you will I realize what a futile effort it had been to try to fit yourself into an tiny box of false ideas about yourself. You will see, how by doing this, you caused yourself pain and discomfort.

10. Boosts spiritual development

And now we got to the point, where we all subconsciously strive. To spiritual fulfillment.

The Inner Mind helps to understand the deeper context of our lives, the invisible laws directing the seemingly uncontrolled outside circumstances. Of course we all learn this this step by step, at your own pace, in our own way, according to the level of our personal development. There is no use rushing this process. The inner consciousness fits our lessons to our capabilities.
However, we all can be sure that this learning brings us enormous benefits.

11. Hypnosis is a wonderful experience!.

I recommend that you practice daily (I know the usual excuses, but you know, when it comes to things that are really important to us, we always manage to find the time!). Soon you will want this experience to be a constant part of your life!



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